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Our Services

We strive to improve mental health, foster healthy relationships, and promote growth on an individual, familial, and professional level. Think you’re ready? Let us help through our services outlined below.

Services are provided in-person and Telehealth.


Individual Therapy

I provide therapy on a one-on-one basis for Adults and Adolescents/Teens* (ages 14+). The method I use is based on your individual need, but I typically implement EMDR and Brainspotting. 


*Caregivers may be included in some sessions to address parent-child relational issues.

Parent/Child Fam

Family Therapy

I provide therapy sessions with family members with the intention of improving family relationships. In this group setting, we address issues within the family system that may be affecting how members of the family relate to and/or communicate with one another. Issues may include, co-parenting, communication, high conflict, parent-teen and/or parent and their adult offspring.

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Group Therapy

My groups consist of 8-10 members, and are currently geared towards adult women and Adolescent/teen girls. I use my cultural identity, knowledge, and experiences within the group setting to create a safe space for learning, reflection, growth, and healing.


Please note, topics and discussions are focused on the experience of women from cultural backgrounds. These are "closed" groups. Meaning, groups run for a set number of weeks with the same group members until completion.


Next running group TBD. 



  • Positive, Healthy Coping

  • Confidence & Self-Esteem 

  • Social Skills 

  • Healthy Relationships 

clinical Sup

Clinical Supervision

I provide supervision and case consultation to pre-licensed ASW, APCC, and AMFT trainees. Supervision can be individual or triadic (you and another trainee). I also provide group supervision to agencies on a contract basis. Please contact me to inquire about fees.

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