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How the marathon Began...

Denisha Wright,

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

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I started working in the mental health field because I wanted to help individuals and families dealing with issues caused by drug addiction, which heavily impacted those in my community growing up in Stockton, CA. 

Although my initial target population were those struggling with addiction, my first professional job led me to working with juvenile justice-involved youth and their families. Working with the youth and families shifted my focus and birthed my passion for trauma work. 

I have been serving individuals and families since 2014. I'm passionate about working with minority adult, teens, and their families to address the root cause of most issues: TRAUMA. 


I truly believe that people have the resources within themselves to change, grow, and heal. I'm just here to provide the safe space and facilitate your process, as needed. I'm passionate about serving individuals through use of relationship and cultural strengths 

My goal in doing this work is to bring awareness about the affects of trauma, increase positive coping, promote mental wellness, and improve relationships (with oneself, others, and communities). There's so much work to do! 

So the marathon continues...

What We Do

Strive Wright Counseling serves individuals by working to resolve feelings of sadness, worry, anger, hopelessness, worthlessness, fear, disconnectedness, negativity, or no feeling at all (“numb”). The “work" is done through processing past and/or present adverse, negative experiences that often drive these intense feelings. 

Why We Do It

To improve the lives of individuals and break negative, generational cycles. To revise the narrative of how WE (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) heal. ​ For years, there was a misconception that therapy was for "White people" or "crazy people." Minority communities held the belief that when it comes to therapy "we don't do that." Strive Wright Counseling aims to challenge this notion and provide and opportunity for healing, in a space that use to be considered taboo for Blacks and the like. To support healing for the culture. ​

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