Therapy is a process of self-discovery and projected problem resolution within the relationship between you, the client, and the therapist. 

Therapy is a process because it takes time and space to identify problems and further explore the problems and possible solutions with your therapist. 

Unlike a friendship, in which a friend may listen and offer advice, the therapist will work with you and support you in making your own decisions based on new insights you develop in therapy. A friend may know all about you, and may be involved in many aspects of your life. A therapist is only (typically) involved in your life within the therapeutic space (your sessions). Meaning, you can share your thoughts and feeling and leave them in this space, not to be blurred and blended with your personal life outside of therapy. 


Therapy can help you to resolve problems and issues that may be causing you distress in your relationships, in your workplace, in your place of worship, or in your community. Therapy can help you to gain insight and/or a different outlook on your problems and your life. It can also motivate you to make some much needed changes in your life or heal some of the hurt and pain you have been carrying for years. 

Best of all, YOU get to decide how you want therapy to help you. YOU get to identify the outcome you want. Sounds empowering, right?