I explain trauma to my clients as ANY experience and/or event YOU perceive to be dangerous, life-threatening, or harmful to your wellbeing. From a therapy standpoint, trauma is defined as an emotional, psychological response to a terribly distressing event, experienced directly or indirectly. 

Trauma exposure can leave you feeling broken. Experiencing trauma can shatter your sense of safety or form a distorted view of what safety is.

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More About Trauma

In Summary. . . 

Trauma can evoke a sense of helplessness, fear, guilt, or even shame and embarrassment. Trauma can also affect how you respond to and connect with other people.


Ultimately, experiencing trauma can affect how you view the world, alter your sense of self, and your ability to feel safe and secure.


Trauma can cause physical symptoms that might appear to be medically related, but are actually related to your experience.  (physical pain such as stomach aches, frequent headaches, muscle tension, back pain, etc.)